2016 Celebrating SPAC's 50th Anniversary

The Vision

State-of-the-Art Venue for Modern Audiences

SPAC is unique. Our amphitheatre is state of the art – it was designed to have the finest acoustics and dance space achievable in an outdoor amphitheater.

SPAC is modern. Our amphitheatre allows modern audiences to experience the best of the performing arts in a venue that can change and evolve with changing times.

SPAC is an artistic gem. Designed in collaberation with two of the greatest artists in American history – George Balanchine, Founder of the New York City Ballet, and Eugene Ormandy, Conductor of The Philadelphia Orchestra – SPAC’s venue can accommodate productions ranging from the most intimate of unamplified performances to the most spectacular stagings and wildest acoustical feats.

Balanchine’s original stage, constructed of a unique basket-weave-style flooring, was considered a design marvel in 1965. Likewise, the amphitheatre’s magnificent sound quality is achieved through the delicate positioning of the balcony as well as the specially engineered baffling placed above the stage, called the sound cloud. To this day, both SPAC’s special dance flooring, marley flooring, and the sound cloud installed in the amphitheatre are original. SPAC’s architectural uniqueness has enabled us to practice our mission for fifty years by growing and diversifying our programming. Yannick Nézet-Séguin, Music Director of The Philadelphia Orchestra, has described his surprise at the quality of SPAC’s accoustics the first time he conducted the Orchestra on the main stage. “Nothing prepared me for the first time I stood up and started to conduct because the acoustics are so unbelievably good. I had to stop for a second and ask the orchestra, ‘this is amplified right?’ And they said no, it’s just the way the stage is designed.”