2016 Celebrating SPAC's 50th Anniversary

SPAC's Needs

As a non-profit performing arts center, SPAC operates within the same financial landscape as arts organizations around the world. As this landscape has grown increasingly competitive, even crippling to several arts organizations in New York State and the New York metro region, SPAC has continued to flourish.

Our impact goes far beyond the immediate cultural influence of our performers – SPAC is a major economic driver for the Capital Region, generating an estimated $100 million for the area and attracting over 350,000 visitors to fill our region’s hotels, restaurants, and shops from May to September. As Hector Ruiz, former CEO of AMD/GlobalFoundries stated, “SPAC was a remarkably powerful factor in assessing the region’s quality of life.”

Contrary to what many believe, SPAC receives no direct financial support from city, county, state, or federal governments, save a small grant from the New York State Council on the Arts. SPAC is able to sustain and improve its operations through the dedication and generosity of involved individuals like you.

In order to honor the vision of our founders, to keep our venue up-to-date and state of the art, we look to replace many of the original elements that have been subjected to 50 years of functional wear and tear as well as extreme weather. These renovations include the replacement of the original marley dance floor and original sound cloud, the architectural “keys” to SPAC’s famous acoustical excellence. In addition, we also seek to continue to diversify and grow our programmatic offerings and educational programs.

Your support is vital to our ability to sustain and embellish SPAC’s programmatic offerings as we move towards our 50th Golden Anniversary Celebration in 2016. We look to you to ensure that SPAC continues to be a vibrant community organization for another 50 years.