2016 Celebrating SPAC's 50th Anniversary

From Dream to Reality

The SPAC Experience

SPAC has served as a center for community engagement, cultural growth, and educational exposure for 50 years. In addition to our beloved resident companies, SPAC has brought its audiences the best that the world has to offer in the performing arts, ranging from The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, to Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet, Harry Belafonte, Martha Graham and Dave Matthews.

In addition, SPAC serves a special role as an educational facility for young audiences. Very few communities in the world have the opportunity to expose their children to the highest caliber performances presented anywhere around the globe. But we do, right here in our own backyard. To ensure that every child has access to SPAC, we support unique educational programs ranging from:

  1. Classical Kids Custom-designed cirriculums created by SPAC are taught in local middle schools to educate young audiences about the programming they can experience in the main amphitheatre. Tickets to the programs studied are provided to all students free of cost.
  2. The Vivienne Anderson Program Underserved Capital Region youth receive financial sponsorship to attend a performance at SPAC.
  3. The New York State Summer School of Arts Collaboration with NYSSSA allows rising high school-aged artists from all over New York State to perform on SPAC’s main stage, attend performances in the amphitheater, and rehearse in SPAC’s world-class facilities.
  4. Pre-Performance Talks Prior to performances, artists and experts speak with audiences about the history, style, and artistry presented at the program of the evening.

SPAC’s role as a community organization is unique. Audiences prefer SPAC because the performances are recontextualized in the beauty of the Spa Sate Park, the ideal setting for all to engage with the beauty, atheleticism, and virtuosic expression of the arts.

Our audiences come from different backgrounds and different perspectives, but they leave SPAC with a shared experience through the performances that they engage with together.

Pre-performance events ranging from “Girls’ Night Out”, “Family Night” and “Date Night” make our lawn scene vibrant. At SPAC friends and family connect, relax and enjoy beautiful art in a truly beautiful setting.

The SPAC experience recently received a special recognition when it was voted the #1 2015 Best Outdoor Music Venue in America in a USA Today poll. The competition was tough as SPAC was pitted against 20 of the top outdoor venues across the country. We carry this new title proudly as it speaks to the depth and breadth of our offerings, the superiority of our venue, the special dedication of our audiences, and the lasting personal impact of a SPAC experience.